Skills & competencies

Organisations who are undergoing a Digital Sales transformation require a unique set of skills and competencies to build Centres of Excellence.

Our programs cover many areas that build the skillset of the Digital Sales organisation that include:
  • Planning & Priority Setting for Digital Sales
  • Problem Solving & Decision-making (Individual contributor and Management)
  • Accountability for Digital Sales (Sales development, Account Management/ Executive, Sales Management)
  • Business / Commercial Awareness across client organisations
  • Results Focussed sales teams
  • Ethics & Integrity in the organisation
  • Strategic Thinking (Individual contributor and Management)
  • Communicating & Influencing the sales cycle
  • Teamwork & Collaboration across the Digital Organisation
  • Relationship Management & CRM
  • Leading a digital centre of excellence
  • People Management in the Digital Environment
  • GDPR in a Digital Environment
Sales Training, Sales Coaching, Sales Skills, Partner Enablement

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