Sales Coaching

Coaching requires a strong commitment by sales leaders to empower their salespeople to grow.

Our coaching programs involveĀ a customised action plan and a continuous-learning environment, propelling our clients past self-imposed barriers.
“Sales coaching can be the difference between knowing significant growth is possible and actually achieving it”.
Organisations shifting to a digital sales model require a partner who has deep experience in coaching sales teams in this new environment.

The following approach is how we approach sales coaching for clients:

  • Assess all sales capabilities across different categories of skills required for their roles
  • Deliver educational programs to drive adoption across the required skills
  • Integrate the digital sales skills into cadence and sales people’s productivity workflows
  • Condition and reinforce the newly acquired skills by through repetition and reinforcement
  • Validate and measure that success and progress is made, during peer learning and coaching in the client sales environment
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