Solution selling

What is solution selling, digital sales and sales enablement?

Solution Selling and Digital Sales Transformation Solution selling is a sales methodology that focuses on solving customer problems and establishing a value for their business. More often than not, prospects are not aware of the exact problems their businesses are facing. Salespeople are then faced with the challenge of identifying the problems at hand and explaining how their product will provide a viable solution for the business.   What happens after prospecting? (hint. discovery)   Identifying the Problem   Despite having a solid prospecting [...]

Account based selling

What is Account-Based selling?

What is Account-Based Selling?   Account-based selling is a rising marketing strategy, but what is it? Keep reading to learn more about this powerful sales system and how it may benefit your business.   Introduction   Definition of Account-Based Selling   First, let’s review the definition of account-based selling. Account-based selling, or ABS, is a multi-channel business-to-business (B2B) sales model that targets departments within an organisation instead of specific individuals.   A union of departments—marketing, sales development, sales, customer service, finance and top-level executives, for example, must be aligned [...]

What is GDPR
What is GDPR

What is GDPR?

The deadline for compliance with GDPR is getting closer. If your company collects personal data from EU citizens, you will need to make significant adjustments to comply with the new regulations. But before you can make any as adjustment, you need to understand what GDPR entails. This article will discuss the new laws in detail. It will explain the specific regulations, their implications, deadlines, and the fines for noncompliance. This is a short overview of GDPR in a generic form. Overview [...]

Sales coach

What are the benefits of Sales Coaching?

The Benefits of Sales Coaching Coaching and training are the prerequisites for success in nearly every industry and organisation globally. Our clients at iCommunity have seen how coaching has a direct impact on the results. In sports, athletes who want better results train hard. Teams hire better coaches to improve their performance in sports competitions. It is a big surprise, therefore, that some businesses expect good results without investing their time and resources into sales coaching. Most companies overlook it [...]

Sales training

What are the benefits of a World Class Sales Training Program?

What are the benefits of a Sales Training program for your organisation? Sales training and enablement as I am sure we all agree is an integral part of running a business or organisation. In particular a b2b organisation. Why? For many reasons. One of which is that client acquisition, prospecting, negotiation, influencing your buyers and sales leadership doesn’t come naturally to everyone. When you are planning a Digital Sales enablement program or a transformation strategy for your organisation, it is important [...]

Digital Sales Transformation

What is Digital Sales Transformation

The essentials of Digital Sales Transformation Digital sales transformation and digital transformation are business strategies that are not well as well understood as some organisations would wish for. Businesses are struggling to grasp the concept of digital-sales transformation and how to make it work for their business.   It is safe to say that the sales profession is undergoing a paradigm shift. This is thanks to social media and mobile devices and technology. In our current society, digital information is being relayed [...]

Sales tactics

“3 tactics to accelerate your sales pipeline”

Webinar Invitation We invite you to join this webinar where we will demonstrate 3 tactics on how to accelerate your Sales Development efforts at an individual level and scale across your sales team. We will demonstrate how to build a fully automated and personalised lead development process. We will also demonstrate how to introduce a high degree of trust into your lead development process. Please feel free to invite any colleagues who you feel will benefit from these tactics.   [fusion_builder_container hundred_percent=”yes” overflow=”visible”][fusion_builder_row][fusion_builder_column type=”1_1″ background_position=”left top” [...]


I have yet to see an example of a sales rep who is “excellent” on the phone. Have you any examples?

This is certainly coming with a warning. Let me explain. This is a video that takes place in Las Vegas at Def Con which is the biggest hackers convention of the year. It was my first time coming across the convention before I found this video. I cannot remember where I saw it so unfortunately cannot give a thumbs up to anyone for sharing. The warning is “be wary of fraud” on the phone or anywhere for that matter. Let’s take [...]

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