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This short video is a client testimonial is from Hugh O’ Byrne | Vice President of Brand Sales at IBM and what he had to say about our services.

Our Journey So Far

iCommunity is a community of sales professionals that have successfully completed our certified training and enablement program. Our mission is to provide high quality training that equips sales teams with the skills and expertise to achieve their selling potential in an ever-changing digital environment.

To give you a sense of what our community is about, let’s take you through our journey so far.

The iCommunity journey began in 2010 with the provision of corporate training in digital selling for business to business (B2B) sales professionals within the technology and financial services industries. We assembled a group of highly motivated trainers, all of whom have successful backgrounds in B2B selling and are passionate about sharing their knowledge with others. Our focus was on empowering sales people involved in business development to leverage relevant social platforms and tools to maximise value across their sales organisation.

With hard work and a dedication to high standards of training, our business quickly grew.

We received a welcome invitation to join LinkedIn’s Talent Solutions Partner program and had the opportunity to work with global organisations such as Google, IBM and Salesforce.

The development of our business ran in tandem with the emergence of the social media revolution. All over the world, gifted start-ups were creating cutting-edge tools and innovative applications for smartphones, tablet devices & desktops. This enormous growth in digital tools also revolutionised the digital selling industry, expanding the reach and selling potential of sales professionals.

With the advent of the social media revolution, iCommunity evolved to remain at the forefront of digital sales training. We studied the functionality and features of many of these cutting-edge applications and devised modules in our training programs to teach organisations how to increase sales using these tools – providing distinct financial benefits to our clients. While we may not have been the first to identify the relevance of these applications to sales professionals, we aimed to provide an integrated and comprehensive approach to utilising these tools within sales teams.

In 2012, we created the All-Star training program.

This program provides sales professionals with everything they need to be successful at digital selling. Besides training sales professionals in how to work with digital tools and applications, the All-Star program teaches professionals how to develop a selling strategy, social media tactics, content strategy and social listening. Students take the All-Star exam at the end and are awarded the All-Star Certificate upon completion of the course.

Our syllabus has been delivered to large enterprises across EMEA, APAC and beyond into North America.

Our plan for the future is to enable sales professionals all over the world to become certified All-Stars.

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