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Your trusted Sales Training & Enablement partner
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iCommunity is your trusted Sales Training & Enablement partner.

We have deep experience in training sales professionals and teams of any size, anywhere in the world.
Our sales training programs are built to address specific challenges encountered by sales professionals. iCommunity has clients in many countries globally and to date have delivered our training programs in 6 languages. We are often regarded as one of the training industry’s most agile and scalable providers of training and has been chosen by some of the world’s most respected companies to deliver sales training programs.

iCommunity is headquartered in Ireland.

We are committed

We are committed to ongoing innovation in our training and delivery and optimising user experience and engagement through our sales training delivery. As sales training evolves, we evolve – and we aim to keep it that way.

Why do our clients love iCommunity?

  • We have a genuine passion to help our clients succeed
  • We adapt to all training and enablement needs
  • We manage, deliver and track all training modalities
  • Full localisation across regions
  • Robust and extendable in order to meet large sized project requirements
  • We sit at the cutting edge of training innovation, therefore our clients do to

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